How and Why I Stopped Playing PUBG?

How and Why I Stopped Playing PUBG?

Q1. How did I start playing PUBG mobile?

So, the story begins, When I was in college. I see lot’s of boys shouting, “maar usse(kill him)”, “Mujhe bacha le (save me, please)”, “gun dedo(give me a gun)”, I heard lots of songs like “chalo pochinki by sidhu moosewala” and many tik tok videos and ring tones. These are some trickers that make me curious about this game, called pubg(In begging I don’t know full form of it). But, when the same question asked in “kon banega crorepati” I get the full form by memers. That’s all makes me curious to play this game.

My first impression was very bad. The way I see the online world plays this game. It was not that easy. I mostly died early and funny past is that I died 20 to 25 times in blue zones because I don’t know where to go. It was so frustrating for me. I don’t like this game. Then comes peer pressure, till now all my classmates made their id in pubg they all want to make team and play together. It’s a very delightful game. I feel my teammate’s emotions connecting with their game character. They try to make their character amazing by new dress, gun skins, and royal pass to show their names on the plane. (This all are out of scope for me at that time.). So, classmates, Social media memers, Youtubers They all influence me to play pubg. And the story begins from here.

Q. How did I improved my gameplay skills?

As I said earlier I died in blue zones, and also bots had killed me so many times. So, I curious about knowing how online pubg streamer plays so nicely this game. Then I came to know about 2, 3 and 4 fingure game controls layout. I switched to 4. I copied Athena Gaming’s sensitivity and control layout. And see lot’s of how-to tutorials, such as how to clutch, solo vs squad, how to snipe like “pat se headshot”, move and fire, crouch and fall shot, etc. I spend 4 to 6 hours watching online gaming videos.

Q. How it feels to pro player?

Everyone wants to play with you. Where you go team doesn’t argue with you. Lots of friend request. Respect from the team. Everyone offers their weapons and scopes and etc. With you.

Q 3. How it affects my Student life?

Very badly, Due to spending most of the time in gameplay and watching gaming videos, I was not able to prepare assignments and test. It hit hard on my study routines. I don’t take sufficient sleep due to night gameplay. So, It also affected my health so badly.

Q4. How does it feel to be addicted to PUBG?

I was a good student, I read lot’s of books, I am a fan of rich and poor dad writer. I know it is good to addicted things which gives earning, but I did not use pubg for earning, I just play it for fun. But I not expected that I will be going to addicted to this game. I play pubg whole day when I was not playing then thinking about the recent gameplay. I see night dreams of the last time death of my character, and what I can do that time to save my character. And many more such events in-game. It brutely affected my life. I was not able to focus on my student life and family relationship. I get some health problems like neck and back pain.


Q. What are the things I tried to leave PUBG?

As I felt it affect my life badly, I decided to leave to pubg and stop playing it. I uninstall it. But again, by social media, and pubg gaming videos, carryminati live streaming, and peer pressure are the reason I install pubg mobile. It happens many time. Each time reason is the same to leave pubg and installation reason is also same. Hence, as you can expect I can not able to leave pubg. I frustrated by myself. I can see my classmate’s improvement in study and skill development. Mine was getting worst day by day.

Q. How I handled addiction of pubg?

Finally, I leave pubg by following the below steps, may this help you.

Note: Do not uninstall pubg from your phone.

Session: 1 Month.

Steps 1: Decide only to play with your team not with random.

Step 2: Set a time to play game. Till complete your school and college work.

Next-Session: 1 Month

Step 3: Try to make some distance with your phone and leave your phone in your parent’s room.

Step 4: Unsubscribe to the pubg streamers.

Step 5: unfollow the pubg pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Next-Session: 1 Month.

Step 6: Leave your phone

finally, I came out of addiction using these steps. Now, I am improving myself day by day. And feeling better now. Believe me, it is not hard. Follow these simple steps you will also able to leave this game.

Thanks for reading my story, Hope, you will be doing good at your life.

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  1. Thanks for helping sir i read your all blogs when this post poped up then i feel happy because i am also adicted to pubg but i think now i can overcome this wonder ideas and tips 😅😅

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