Transparent Command Prompt: Ubuntu & Windows User

Transparent Command Prompt: Ubuntu & Windows User

Hello geeks, How’s the day? Mine is good, hope yours too. So geeks, today we are going to know about cool stuff or features of command prompt. Today, the topic is, How to make transparent our command prompt? So, that we can work as a coding ninja or hacker.

Why Transparent Command Prompt?

  • Transparent Command Prompt will dramatically increase your working speed on the black screen. As you no need to move your cmd screen here and there to see the background command can straightly see through your command prompt and can type your command line.
  • It looks cool and professional in front of others geeks.
  • It will eliminate the steps(use of mouse or shortcut keys) to maximize or minimize the cmd window to look at what is behind the cmd screen window.

Ubuntu User

Ubuntu user follow these easy steps –

  1. Open command prompt

    Use shortcut ctrl+alt+t or right-click on the screen and then select open terminal option.transparent command prompt step1

  2. Click on edit tab

    Right click on edit tab than select preference option as shown in image.Transparent command prompt step2

  3. select color tab

    select color tab, and you will see default setting as shown in image.Transparent command prompt step3

  4. Configure setting (manually)

    You can set the setting as shown in image or can make your own. Transparent command prompt step2Transparent command prompt step4

  5. Final result

    Your transparent command prompt is ready to use. And now you can feel like a pro. Transparent command prompt step5


See the below video if you have any doubt.

Transparent Command Prompt

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